Phare 240V GU10 Bollard Light...
    Phare 240V GU10 Bollard Light...
    Phare 240V GU10 Bollard Light Titanium Anodized - PHARE04G
    Phare 240V GU10 Bollard Light Titanium Anodized - PHARE04G

    Phare 240V GU10 Bollard Light Titanium Anodized - PHARE04G

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    • Input voltage range: 110-265V AC
    • Material: aluminium & acrylic
    • Lamp holder: 1xGU10 (Max 35W)
    • Globe not included
    • Recommended CLA globes: GU1001 & GU1002
    • IP rating: PHARE02G: IP65; PHARE04G: IP54
    • Bollard lights can not be used inground
    • For bollard lights, to maintain the IP rating please use a circular cable injunction
    • For bollard lights, for parallel and single connection, we recommend using an appropriate IP68 connector

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    Phare 240V GU10 Bollard Light Titanium Anodized - PHARE04G


    Warranty: 2-year replacement warranty


    The beauty of outdoor and garden lights has been appreciated for as long as interior structures have been illuminated, growing as new elements and more lights were added to create a complete atmosphere that’s both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Outdoor lighting elevates your outdoor living environment as well as your overall property value, by making it safe to traverse in the dark of night and increasing the amount of time you can enjoy the outdoors. Each lighting element is important to light the way, provide safety, security and style, also make a property seem larger when placed strategically.

    Bollard Lights provide increased safety after dark and is a flexible style of light that can be used for a variety of situations. Bollard Lights are a good solution to create a durable and permanent outdoor illumination, ensuring that your pathways have a gorgeous architectural and modern look. The Phare Bollard Light features high quality and durable fixture in a Titanium Anodized finish, which will bring a sense of elegance to your outdoor environment. Bollard Lights add a design element and step up safety, create a warm welcome when family and guests enter the front door and help to create comfortable and communal surroundings.





    - Single Bollard

    - Aluminium Titanium Anodized with acrylic lens

    - Surface Mounted

    - IP rating: IP54


    - Input Voltage: 240V

    - Lamp Base: GU10

    - Globe(s) are not Included

    - Energy efficient: Energy saving LED ready


    - Height: 445mm

    - Width: 60mm

    - Base Diameter: 83mm

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